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About Varied / Hobbyist That person that likes to say im on a horse -.-Female/Christmas Island Groups :iconfallen-academy: Fallen-Academy
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Blow up the moment
**Authors note -,..,- i am very bored so im just gonna do some exploding <_> of words <_> this is about Arisuu ._. fudge
Before: My own mother bit my neck and drank my blood. Someone pushed her off. It was Zero. (heh so sucky)
  My limp and weak body was pulled up with my mother's cold and pale hands. Her long, sharp nails sink into the tender skin of my back. I can't feel the pain or anything around me, my sense of everything collapsed because of the drugs. Her head moved into my personal space slowly. I felt the hot breathe near my neck, moving in closer for the kill. Contrasting to her hot breathe, her lips were rather cold and sent chills throughout my body. I moved my fingers a bit trying to push her off, but my weakness put them back to sleep. Suddenly the sharp points of her fangs reached me, pricking my neck. It didn't hurt though. Her fangs moved in more and she sucked in my precious, rare blood with no hesitation. I wanted to scream, I jus
:iconzombiefied-cupcake:zombiefied-cupcake 2 3
Fade away... by zombiefied-cupcake Fade away... :iconzombiefied-cupcake:zombiefied-cupcake 11 14 Red contacts XD by zombiefied-cupcake Red contacts XD :iconzombiefied-cupcake:zombiefied-cupcake 6 18
Arisuu's Story- Chapter 3
*Tauthors note... this is really happy at first... a little bubbly and crappy but it gets tragic OnO and if you like Eiko im sorry... i hope no one cries<s>i doubt they will</s>and btw the fight scene is when yagari gets his eye taken out by the vampire lady... sorry if i just spoiled XD** 
 -Time skip three years-
  I swung my seven year old legs back and forth. I began to sing a song my Mom used to sing me when I was a baby...
"Put your shoes on Lucy! Don't you know your in the city?"
  Zero walked up to the tree I had climbed up and glared at me with his violet orbs.
"Gahh.. Would you shut up?" He mumbled "It's time to start training!"
"OH!" I jumped down from the tree, making a perfect landing, I have learned a lot over the past years. "Lets go then!" I said in a cheery tone, grabbing his hand.
  He tried to wiggle his hand out, but i wouldn't let him. I grinned an evil grin as he struggled to get out of my iron grasp.
"I won't let g
:iconzombiefied-cupcake:zombiefied-cupcake 2 29
Arisuu's Story- Chapter 2
  She was so warm and had such strong arms. I felt so safe. I stopped crying and looked up into her lovely olive green eyes. She looked back at me with eyes of pity and asked
"Are you okay now Sweetie?"
  I had never been called Sweetie before... It felt unnatural. After a moment of silence I slightly nodded my head. She gently pushed a few stray hairs behind my ear and looked into my dark eyes.
" I never caught your name... What is it Sweetie?" She said with a small grin on her tanned face.
"I-I'm Arisuu K-kuromori... With two u's!" I kind of yelled as I jumped up.
"Nice to meet you Arisuu!"She said exagerating the u."Im Eiko, Eiko Arakika!" She said with a light laugh. 
"So Arisuu,
:iconzombiefied-cupcake:zombiefied-cupcake 2 24
Skecthing out an idea... by zombiefied-cupcake Skecthing out an idea... :iconzombiefied-cupcake:zombiefied-cupcake 7 14 OC- Ilse (drawn on Sketch star) by zombiefied-cupcake OC- Ilse (drawn on Sketch star) :iconzombiefied-cupcake:zombiefied-cupcake 14 49
Arisuu's Story Chapter 1

The blood.... It was everywhere.... Daddy's blood....
My once sweet Mother ripped into his neck more. Laughing as she finally tore his head off. "Daddy...?" I thought "DADDY!" I finally screeched. My Mother finally took her bloody hands away and crawled towards me.
Katsu, my older brother jumped infront of me and i just watched as her hand went through his stomach. He yelped and screamed for me to run away. I did. I pumped my legs faster than i ever have before. My eyes were welling with tears, from the physical and mental pain. Daddy was dead.
I finally saw Katsu catching up to me with his wound healed slightly, huffing as he sped up. And then it went black.
Waking up to see a blue sky and Katsu's worried face I burst into a fit of childish tears. Katsu pulled me up close and gave me a warm hug until he was crying too. He cried silently, not like me. It was a gentle cry, no sobbing. He soon pulled me back into a tight hug, which brought me
:iconzombiefied-cupcake:zombiefied-cupcake 10 30
Arisuu by zombiefied-cupcake Arisuu :iconzombiefied-cupcake:zombiefied-cupcake 8 27 Arisuu by zombiefied-cupcake Arisuu :iconzombiefied-cupcake:zombiefied-cupcake 12 35 Blowing hair by zombiefied-cupcake Blowing hair :iconzombiefied-cupcake:zombiefied-cupcake 12 45 Another demon... by zombiefied-cupcake Another demon... :iconzombiefied-cupcake:zombiefied-cupcake 8 7 Another Demon by zombiefied-cupcake Another Demon :iconzombiefied-cupcake:zombiefied-cupcake 6 6 Demon by zombiefied-cupcake Demon :iconzombiefied-cupcake:zombiefied-cupcake 14 17 :PC: Sachiko for Robin-Funsize by zombiefied-cupcake :PC: Sachiko for Robin-Funsize :iconzombiefied-cupcake:zombiefied-cupcake 13 28 Melancholy by zombiefied-cupcake Melancholy :iconzombiefied-cupcake:zombiefied-cupcake 8 20



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That person that likes to say im on a horse -.-
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Christmas Island
(i really dont live on christmas island... i just like christmas. and i dont like telling my location.-.)Hello, Konnichiwa, Aloha, Hallo, Hola, Moi Moi, and Ni hao stalkers, strangers, underlings, and friends. First things first, I AM :iconrainbow-aplz::iconrainbow-wplz::iconrainbow-eplz::iconrainbow-splz::iconrainbow-oplz::iconrainbow-mplz::iconrainbow-eplz:!!!!!!!

Oki now more things on meh-
:bulletred: I'm a not-so-professional manga-ka XD
:bulletorange: I have a manga coming out on here soon XD i just have to finish inking like 50 pages.And apply the tones. And get a cover design.
:bulletyellow: I LAV Hetalia!
:bulletgreen: I lav Gilbert...(Prussia)
:bulletblue: The only music i ever listen to now is j-pop and k-pop...
:bulletpurple:I mainly make OC's for fandoms... DUNT JUDGE ME. IM NOT THE ONLY ONE!
:bulletpink: I over use these faces XD and o3o
:bulletred: Imma yaoi fan. DUNT JUDGE MY AWESOMENESS!
:bulletorange: I will never ask you to change(i lav you the way you are)! So dont expect me to act different to you!
:bulletyellow: I treat everyone as an equal. I no racist or against yaoi/yuri.
:bulletgreen: Im beginning to learn chinese and german!
:bulletblue: I'm a bad speller
:bulletpurple: I respect all art forms!
:bulletpink: I hate drama.
:bulletred: I love chatting XD and im loud so if you just wanna talk... say something on my profile or where ever i can see it.
:bulletorange: ILL HELP YOU WITH YO HOMEWORK(i seriously will... im supposed to be a genius.)!!! :iconheroposeplz::iconfanplz:
:bulletyellow: You don't like me, don't pick a fight with me. (you'll regret it ._. i have a smart mouth and a truck load of painful things to say if you piss me off)
:bulletgreen: Don't like my art, WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT IT AND READING THIS!!??
:bulletblue: Don't pick fights with my friends... i will defend dem... cuz im the muffin man.
:bulletpurple: Food and all electronic devices are my bros.
:bulletpink: I love icons... but i love too many of them to list them
:bulletred: Im learning to play flute and im 4th chair ^^
:bulletorange: Im a self taught artist
:bulletyellow: I started drawing manga when i was 8 but ive just been drawing since i could pick up a pencil XD
:bulletgreen: I love rainbows o3o
:bulletblue: I don't like hugs and watching people kissssss
:bulletpurple: Once i begin to trust you ill lav you forever
:bulletpink: I draw stuff. Is cool.
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other accounts :iconvivian-sama: :iconask-vivi:o3o PLEASE HELP ME GET VIVIAN POPULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! or else mwehehehe...... jk. eh na... help me.... :icondesperateplz:
MEH DA FAMLY (is in progress....):
:iconzombiefied-cupcake: The retired muffin man who lives in a well and likes to say "im on a horse" :iconimonahorseplz:
:iconhalfbeth: The evil over lord of the family
:iconrobin-funsize: My evil twin sister who may or may not be british and always talks in caps.
:iconshugo-monster: My robot maid who makes me sushi when i make her sushi.
:iconkikomazumi: My uncle's kitty. Who is also my grandpa.
:iconpandappie: My pet panda.
:icondoctor-dalek23:My grandpa's uncles, father's kitty.
:iconchowaa: The girl who lives across the street in that huge, black, scary house...
:iconlunar---rainbow: My pet cat
:iconemilyh148: My INSANE friend!
:iconvivian-aallitdeli: The person who pushed me in the well that has a pet plastic cat

To warn you about my sanity-
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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Ocs i adore-


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Starting with small goal
:iconcommissionsopen::iconcollabsopen::icontradesopen::iconrequestfriendsonly::icongiftsfriendsonly: FRIENDS GET DISCOUNTS!!!
Icon Commissions info:
Small and simple icon: 10 points :iconrobin-funsize:
Chibi icon with movement (blinking, windy hair, flashing colours, etc., etc.): 15 points :iconshinagami-doll:
Commissions info:
Traditional (can be done in copic, coloured pencil, or just inked)
Bust/Head shot: 15 points
Waist: 20 points
Full body: 30 points
Profiles: 20 points(will have all info you tell me to include)
Bust/Head shot: 10 points
Waist: 15 points
Chibi Full body: 20 points
Chibi Profiles: 20 points(will have all info you tell me to include)
Animals: 15 points
Other: Depends on what it is
(all will have backgrounds just tell me what you want it as or itll be just white!!)
Digital (will take longer.... im no expert but i guess im good)
Bust/Head shot: 30 points
Waist: 45 points
Full body: 60 points
Profiles: 40 points (will have all info you tell me to include)
Bust/Head shot: 10 points
Chibi Full body: 20 points
Chibi Profiles: 30 points(will have all info you tell me to include)
Animals: 20 points
Other: Depends on what it is
(all will have backgrounds just tell me what you want it as or itll be just white or translucent!!!!!)
So yeah... if you dont have the points, i can hold it for you, but youl have to pay within a month after the request it made!!
I ONLY ACCEPT POINTS plz i might get a paypal tho...

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a headshot anime/manga portrait of anyone! Coloring and background included unless otherwise.
Can be digital or traditional.
Can be chibi or animal.
Waist and up
A waist and up anime/manga portrait of anyone! Coloring and background included un less otherwise.
Can be digital or tradidional.
Can be chibi or animal.
Full Body
A full body anime/manga portrait of anyone! Colouring and background included unless otherwise.
Can be digital or traditional.
Can be chibi or animal.


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